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Whether you are deciding on a name for a new product, service, or logo, you need to create a differentiator from your competitors. You need more than just a name, form, and typography. Branding is about understanding the attributes that your target audience appreciates in a business and blending your business values and personality with these attributes. The idea is to project what your business is all about in a way that would connect with your target audience.

Our branding services help companies last a lifetime. Building a brand is about the experience that people have when they interact with your business. In the world of endless noise, we help small businesses stand out of the crowd by pairing their brand with exceptional marketing best practices. Thus creating a focused, niche, and unique brand.

Design makes you human. Great design makes you memorable.

Our Branding Services include;

Logo & Brand Identity

A perfectly designed logo is the first step to ensuring beautiful brand identity is established with your consumers. Our team of brand design experts will take into account your business requirements and customize a perfect logo for you.

  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Stationery design
  • Brand Naming

Graphic Design

We provide the best graphic design solutions that are customized to meet your brand requirements. Incorporating in the excellence and aesthetics of visual communication and all the aspects of sensory elements, including color, typography, space, picture, etc. we bring you outstanding graphic designs.

  • Brochures, Flyers, and Leaflets
  • Marketing Literature & Collaterals
  • Corporate Profile

Explainer Videos

We specialize in developing a variety of explainer videos, including animated explainer videos, corporate explainer videos, marketing videos for businesses, and demo videos depending upon business requirements.

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Whiteboard animation

Infographics Design

Styco-Hub is capable of creating killer infographics. Ensuring that the facts, data, and images are well organized such that your people can’t take their eyes off. Explore creativity at its best only at Styco-Hub.

  • Custom infographics
  • Interactive infographics
  • Motion Graphics & Video Infographic

Awesome Designs

Let your brand do the talking. We have an excellent team of branding consultants, who know how to generate the spark that will keep up the flame of your brand’s name in your customer’s mind glowing forever.

Your brand is the message your business is trying to communicate with your people. It is imperative that you devise a perfect brand identity that will fit in your business message, intention, and goals such that it will stay etched in your consumer’s mind. This is what exactly we do at Styco-Hub. Crafting branding ideas that will connect people and businesses.


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